BLUE ARC ENERGY SOLUTIONS provides management consulting to help clients achieve strategic goals, tactical

objectives, and engineering excellence. Blue Arc applies more than 30 years of top-notch engineering experience to

lead impressive projects with far reaching impact. With over twenty years of boots on the ground experience in

electric infrastructure installation, maintenance, and repair, Blue Arc is uniquely qualified to service the electric utility



Bridging the gap between data and actionable information, Blue Arc provides independent consulting services to

electric utilities, engineering design firms, information technologists, consulting engineers, municipalities, and

business analytics providers.


Blue Arc brings its unique blend of business management and hands-on experience, knowing what the data means

and how to make it actionable, to achieve first quartile performance. Blue Arc examines each client’s unique situation

to reveal opportunities for success while working efficiently, keeping the client informed, and in the driver’s seat.


Transmission Industry Leader

Delving into the complex and evolving transmission environment, Blue Arc teamed up with SGS Statistical Services,

LLC to co-author the Transmission Line Availability Data Guidelines and Definitions, to quickly become a thoughtleader

on transmission availability and performance measurement for the North American transmission industry.


Through its ongoing work with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Blue Arc facilitated the next step forward in

the industry’s ultimate adoption of NERC compliance standards for transmission reliability and availability

performance monitoring.


Blue Arc continues to help numerous clients achieve successful results in projects and engagements in its core

strength areas:







These engagements include a diverse set of clients and challenges including: utility storm preparedness weather

intelligence programs, vegetation management performance measurement, NERC Compliance program design for

system protection maintenance, independent review of substation protection and control engineering, regulatory

audits, enterprise-wide business intelligence initiatives, Smart Grid demand response analytics, sustainability plan

development, workforce management, and work management planning.