Client Testimonials

Get your projects off the ground and soaring with the help of Blue Arc's energy and persistence. The sky's the limit

when you put these and Blue Arcʼs other talents to work for you. Take a look at a few of the comments below from Ed

Kramʼs satisfied clients and associates to see how Blue Arc has helped others and may be able to help you.


“Ed Kram has done great work with our Relay Test Department to improve processes, documentation and training.

His systems skills helped us navigate the challenges of our maintenance database to extract the right information to

help us set up a maintenance program that is more logical, more streamlined and easily auditable. Ed helped me

manage the change efforts necessary to update our technician training and implement new testing techniques to

reduce operating errors. Our NERC compliance program is stronger because of Ed's guidance.


It is a pleasure to work with a technical consultant who really understands the field aspects of utility work. It is rare to

find someone who understands the process and technical parts equally.”

Carl Segneri, Vice President of Distribution Operations

PPL (Allentown, Pa)


“Edward Kram provided invaluable assistance with the development of data visualization and analytic technique on a

project engagement with OG&E Energy Corp. His extensive utility-specific knowledge and experience using SAS

JMP software for data visualization and analytic augmented our team’s existing capabilities and enabled us to

complete critical tasks on time and on budget.”

John Willey

Corios, LLC


“APS brought in Ed Kram and a small team to develop performance metrics related to the implementation of a new

version of the EPM software. Ed and his team worked on a number of deliverables to measure the effectiveness of

managing our work and the resources needed to do so. The results were positive, concise, and thorough and were

used to develop reports that help drive our business. I would recommend Ed as a consultant that can provide those


Scott G Gudeman PE, Manager

Construction Projects and Support Services


“Ed Kram is a great facilitator. He makes people think out of the box in order to accept other points-of-view. This

makes it easy to come to consensus when it is required. He is an ideal fit for leading entrepreneurial and innovative


Prakash Patro, Senior Engineer

Kansas City Power & Light, GPE


“During previous workshops, we danced around the concept of deliverability impact. But, it wasn’t until you (Ed)

presented the three different scenarios in Akron that we, as a group, were able to discuss the topic with purpose and

focus, leading to a better overall group understanding of the issue.”

Michelle Rheault

Manitoba Hydro


“Blue Arc provides depth of knowledge and experience in transmission engineering and the regulations governing it.

Recent work with Blue Arc demonstrated their attention to detail and great analytical skills because it required sifting

through reams of outage records, interviews, and weather data to recreate an events timeline in order to understand

a utility's outage response and develop recommendations for improvements. RGA Labs appreciates having access to

Blue Arc’s expertise.”

Ron Chin, Vice President

RGA Labs