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Harnessing a powerful combination of talents—engineering expertise and proven leadership ability—Blue Arc illuminates issues so clients can see the way to success.


About Blue Arc

Blue Arc Energy Solutions provides management consulting to solve clients’ utility, engineering, mechanical, and technical problems. Blue Arc applies more than 25 years of top-notch engineering and management experience every day to lead impressive projects with far-reaching impact.


Strategic Consulting

Accepting status quo is like standing still in a footrace. Achieving greatness requires the vision to set ambitious goals

and the discipline to execute the plan. Blue Arc makes greatness possible through independent assessment and

partnered solutions.


Substation Testing Services

Substation reliability requires proper commissioning and periodic maintenance of the protection and control systems.

Blue Arc Energy Solutions has the experience and knowledge to get your project’s commissioning testing completed

properly and periodically maintained in compliance with NERC protection maintenance requirements. Blue Arc brings

years of experience in all aspects of the protection and control asset’s maintenance lifecycle: from initial

commissioning, isolated repairs, substation emergencies, periodic maintenance, and decommissioning.


Business Analytics

Businesses increasingly depend on information technology. Business analytics are increasingly valuable to

understanding what’s working and what’s not, to identifying root problems, discovering the next big breakthrough,

or predicting business trends and outcomes.


Client Success Stories

1. Utility Storm Preparedness & Weather Service Integration Analysis

An electrical utility can now predict the occurrence of severe weather, anticipate the level of damage it will cause, and employ its resources accordingly. Its ability to restore power quickly makes customers happy.


2. Maintenance Effectiveness Study

A closer look at a utility’s tree-trimming practices cleared the path for increased reliability and customer satisfaction. Blue Arc identified specific areas and circuits where trimming practices were ineffective at reducing recurring outages and recommended an improved approach.


3. Failure Analysis Study

A utility optimized maintenance regimes on its substation breakers to maximize the equipment’s normal operational patterns and cut maintenance costs while reducing substation lockout failures. Blue Arc’s failure analysis study provided the necessary data and insight.


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Blue Arc Energy Solutions

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LaGrange, IL 60525

Office: 708.354.2710

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Meet the Consultant

Meet Ed Kram, licensed engineer and founder and principal of Blue Arc Energy Solutions, Inc. Ed earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. For 20 years he worked for ComEd (an Exelon subsidiary) in Chicago, IL, in various management and leadership roles. Since 2001, he has provided independent management consulting, helping clients increase reliability, improve customer satisfaction, save time and money, make informed cost/benefit decisions, and realize many other tangible benefits.


Tools in Action


    Slide Show: Maintenance Effectiveness

    Slide Show: Life Analysis


Blue Arc Energy Papers and Presentations


    Slide Show: Transmission Reliability Performance Metrics

    Transmission Performance Assessment PDF

    Transmission System Reliability Performance Metrics Requirements PDF

    Leveraging Operational Data to Improve Asset Management and Maintenance Decisions PDF

    Transmission Line Availability Data Guidelines and Definitions PDF


Client Testimonials

Get your projects off the ground and soaring with the help of Blue Arc's energy and persistence. The sky's the limit when you put these and Blue Arc’s other talents to work for you.


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