Knowing when to gear up for storms improves emergency response time and makes customers happier.


Utility Storm Preparedness and Weather Service Integration Analysis


Situation: An electrical utility needs to improve its major storm readiness and responsiveness. Blue Arc helps the utility interpret and leverage weather intelligence.


Action: Blue Arc organizes advanced weather intelligence data and storm response data into a time series geographical model. With this model, Blue Arc can assess the utility’s storm preparedness actions, find correlations between storm damages and weather severity, and assess weather severity versus design criterion. Severe weather events and the damage they caused over a 20-year historical period are analyzed for statistical comparison.


Benefit: The utility now has the intuitive ability to effectively predict the occurrence of severe weather and anticipate the level of damage it will cause, so the utility can prepare and employ its resources accordingly. This new “weather intelligence” is leveraged to effectively anticipate storm damage and restore power to customers more quickly.