Maintenance Effectiveness

Having second thoughts about the effectiveness of system maintenance? Can you quantify the cost effectiveness of tasks or overall programs? Would you like to visualize the bang for the buck? Blue Arc is ready to help! Blue Arc has reliability engineering expertise and powerful analysis tools to get you the necessary insight into nagging questions about your asset maintenance policies and practices.


Asset managers are charged with establishing cost effective maintenance and inspection programs for complex systems. These consist of multiple components and sub-systems required to achieve proper system functionality. Worse than wasted resources on ineffective maintenance and inspection, are approved policies and practices that initiate system failure! Root cause efforts often focus on environmental factors and equipment wear without considering the effect of maintenance actions.


Fortunately reliability engineering techniques exist to assess the impact of maintenance and inspection activities upon system performance, including simulations to visualize alternative maintenance scenarios and determine risk sensitivity. Blue Arc can help your organization optimize asset maintenance through maintenance effectiveness assessments to reduce costly failures, optimize policies and programs, and manage resources.





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Life Analysis

Having unwanted equipment failures? Can you forecast the life expectancy of your fleet? Would you like to get a better vision of the future? Blue Arc is ready to help! Blue Arc has reliability engineering expertise and powerful analysis tools to tackle complex fleet challenges that are beyond textbook examples.


Due to the expansion of facilities over time, asset owners and facility managers often manage a fleet of equipment that is diverse in both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and vintage. As a result, failures appear random and emergency replacement expenditures and process interruption becomes the norm. Blue Arc can help your organization match process requirements and customer expectations through fleet life analysis assessments to reduce equipment replacement costs, optimize spare inventory, and manage risk.


Unlike product design testing environments, most asset managers do not have the liberty to remove units for destructive failure testing (e.g., accelerated aging, or stress tests) to establish asset lifetimes. In addition historical failure record keeping may be incomplete or exhibit data truncation periods. As a result, equipment life expectancy can not be deduced simply from an inspection of the recorded failures.


Fortunately reliability engineering techniques exist, which are robust and widely proven across industries that permit the estimation of asset life and the determination of key parameters to uniquely define fleet reliability characteristics. Blue Arc can also conduct simulations to visualize future scenarios and determine risk sensitivity.





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